Managed WordPress Website Hosting

WordPress Website Hosting

Your WordPress Website hosting is among the best with The Website Jedi. Having handled the hosting for clients since 1998, the expertise obtained has been extensive. 

This experience makes for a second to none hosting service for your Managed WordPress Hosting.

The technical needs, though similar as with many other hosting companies. Management of a WordPress website is more involved if you are to get the full benefit of it.  

The Website Jedi puts systems in place for this result.


Some Basic Specifications of the Server:
Linux Server
99.9% up time

When you host your WordPress website with the Website Jedi, your WordPress install will be the recommended “manual install”.  There are many webmasters who use the automated install that most hosting companies provide. The Website Jedi has used these in the past since they make it much easier. The drawbacks are that the stability of the install and lack of ability to implement security safeguards is lost. The Website Jedi has experienced many crashes of WordPress due to these kinds of installs. The extra time and  effort of the manual install is well worth it and the client gets better results.

One of the features provided with hosting by The Website Jedi is “Managed Hosting”. WordPress has many add-ons or functions. This means that your WordPress install is kept updated along with your additional functions, installed and configured for your site and at times, some functions replaced with ones that are more effective in doing the job in a better way.

You also have the option of being notified of updates or other adjustment notifications that I receive. Every couple days, usually more than one of your functions need updated and your WordPress update is needed one or twice a month. If you choose to receive these notifications you can, knowing that there is nothing  you need to do. With The Website Jedi’s hosting,  those items are taken care of.

Other managed hosting companies charge $30 – $50 per month, where The Website Jedi does so for $20 per month billed annually. 

One of the things that confuses many is domain registration vs hosting. Domain registration is separate and is often done with a registrar separate from the host.  Though many registrars encourage you to host with them and hosts encourage to register your domain with them. Most of the time it’s actually better to do with different companies as most do not  do  both well.

When The Website Jedi sets up everything for the client, as is the preference so that ALL domains are in one place. The Website Jedi requires, or at least, highly recommends letting us do the hosting. The reason being it is a better solution that helps The Website Jedi serve your needs better.


Annual Billed Others Charge Anually
$240 $360 – $600


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