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organic-vegan-facial-Delray-Beach-Google-Searchby The Website Jedi. See the examples below of  websites The Website Jedi has achieved first page of Google search results.
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Search: permanent makeup boca raton
To See: Forever Fabulous Permanent Makeup.

Search: organic vegan skin care delray beach
To See Stacy Sossner Organics

Search: organic vegan facial in delray beach
To see: Stacy Sossner Organics
There are others to show that are done for other companies.

First Page of Google?

Get your website on the First Page of Google when you hire The Website Jedi. First, here are examples of what The Website  Jedi can do for you.

First Page Of Google

First page of Google without submitting to Google My Business.
The Website Jedi can get you here or better within a month. See for yourself by searching “Permanent Makeup Boca Raton”

How is this possible? Well one of the most important steps is the setup of Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Google My Business and getting a Google+ page.

Getting your business claimed at it’s address and verified via phone call or post card can get your business not only on the first page of Google, also at the top portion on the map with a letter/bubble.  “Prop rental San Francisco” shows you top of Google first page for The Prop House –
First Page of Google


Do a search for “Aesthetics Delray Beach” to see: Stacy Sossner Aesthetics 

These are the steps to get your website also on the First Page of Google.

1) Get your WordPress  web site configured for both Google and Bing using WordPress SEO.
2) Set up Google My Business/Google+ Page, Webmaster Tools, Analytics
3) Claim and verify website ownership with Google.
4) Claim and Verify business with Google, verification is fastest done via phone as long as you have a land line. With that verification and listing updated with 48 hours. Otherwise via post card, within 2 weeks.
5) Utilize the most popular specific key words for each page, and optimize respective pages with given Key Words.
6) In your Google account, use Google fetch and for each page. All steps done will be documented with screen shots of steps taken and image of Google postcard verification if that is the method used.

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