The Website Jedi – Client Testimonials

I’ve been working with Rick for a while, it’s been really empowering to me because I can make a sure all my words are right or making change on my website when ever I need and f I run into problem, Rick’s there for support. Cuz I need that, I really need that. It’s that technical stuff and Rick helps me. The Video Tutorials he provides are SO helpful, like he’s right there with me. If you haven’t used The Website Jedi, you owe it to yourself to call before you begin your Internet presence.
~Gary Woodings



Incredible appreciation for the services of The Website Jedi.  I found Rick  to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and very quick in delivering me the website I requested. He went above and beyond giving me a superior service. He was extremely patient and helpful.  I am looking forward to having him as my webmaster. I am very happy with the website he designed, finding it attractive, efficient, and easy to manage. I would recommend The Website Jedi to anyone looking to build a website.

~Jessica G.

A recent Follow-up:

Wanted to say thank you for all of your prompt responses and appreciate you as my webmaster as you are beyond helpful in so many ways. You are always honest and very knowledgeable. So I wanted to thank you for that and please let me know when it is time to renew.




“Thank you Rick of The Website Jedi for working with my website, and for service that is incomparable. You are the best. You go above and beyond in every way:)”

~ Robert R.



Totally love what you did for me with my Internet presence. You are total magic with what you do and the speed of which you do it. I feel you’re more than just a webmaster, but a true Web Jedi. I’m so proud to show my site to others. Not only the website but your knowledge and expertise in Fanpage and total Facebook integration. The Website Jedi is where everyone should go for their Internet Presence needs.

Stacy Sossner, Founder, President of Stacy Sossner Organics



What to thank you for doing a tremendous job with my website. You did a great design with my first site. Many people complimented me for the look you gave it. But with this new design it’s really awesome. Exactly what I wanted and gives my business a presence many of my competitors envy. Looking forward to expand it as we have discussed with the implementation of the newsletter.

Michele M.


Learning about your services from a colleague of mine Joe Latorre was a great asset to getting our 3 websites done. Your experience, knowledge, expertise and professionalism made dealing with you a great experience. I will refer you to anyone I know who needs your services.

Karel Costa


I truly believe that the quality of your work is excellent and your prices, very reasonable. The site you did for me helped to expand my vision of establishing a professional presence for my service. I look forward to expanding it further when I merge into e-commerce with products for my clients and others. Thank you so much.

Ray Salomone

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